Retirement Plinth


Retired engineer with a bandsaw and an empty tree stump in the front yard - what could go wrong? Here is a display beginning with the latest installation.


Begging for Something

I needed to bring back levity for Halloween 2023 and the M&M Pumpkins


They're Back

I repurposed my Pandemic Heart. This piece will stay up for a while!



In honor of the care givers

Stump Heart


A visit to Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum gave me the inspiration. Junk in my basement gave me the materials.

Twang Front

"Twang" Front

Twang Night

"Twang" Night

Twang Side

"Twang" Side

A variation of Bernar Venet's "Angles".



I enjoyed making this - note wine bottles. Art with a puzzle.

Code Sauvignon

"Code Sauvignon"

Could not find little white gloves so I had to make them too. Lots of felt here.

Melts in the Hand

"Melts in the Hand"

I originally wanted to build a nest but could not find materials. I was surprised at what I found in the box when I took it down after three months on the stump.

Big Bird Front

"Big Bird Front"

Big Bird Side

"Big Bird Side"

No glue used and all pieces are unattached, but there is a trick.

Winter Balance

"Winter Balance"

I finally found something to do with all of the packing peanuts I've saved over the years - stuffed hats with them.

Hats Off To Christmas

"Hats Off To Christmas"

Christmas Hats Night

"Night Hats"

Found the hat at Christmas Tree Shop and everything else fell in place.

Thanks Sittung

"Thanks Sitting"

All courtesy of Job Lot.

Spring Chickens

"Spring Chickens"

Christmas Hats Night

"Patriot Chickens"

I had these round rocks left over from a landscaping project many years ago but never knew what I would do with them.... voila!



I admit, I just threw this together with stuff I had in the attic. But I was pressured.

Tree Tree


As my first display, I learned everything must be fastened down. Between the wind and the squirrels, I was constantly restumping pumpkins.



Walking around the neighborhood the other day I spotted this yard. Ooooooooooooooooooooh.

Dual Stump

Duel Stumps