Jay's Retirement Art Projects

I have always been fascinated with the Madison Ice House, so that had to be my first art project.

Ice House

A fascination with the architecture of the guitar has influenced several projects.


The Book Loft in Clinton was there forever. I felt that the memory of its unique structure had to be preserved in some way.


I copied this sketch but put it on a background that matches the bedroom walls as a decoration.


I wanted to paint some animal and a lion head caught my attention, but it had to have some flair.


One of my stump installations was a disjointed guitar which was a favorite of the sidewalk crowd. After two years it had to come down but is preserved in my basement.


The fascination with the guitar's architecture pops up again manifesting itself this time through wine corks.

Cork Head

"Cork Head"

Cork Guitar

"Cork Guitar"

Cork Body

Cork Body